API Documentation

API Reference


Checks the status of a node based on the last crawl<br> result see /api/check_historical_node

Returns: json dict {"result":{"user_agent":"/Groestlcoin:2.17.2/", "version":" .... }}


Checks the current status of a node. This is a live result, so response times will be longer - to view a saved<br> result see /api/check_historic_node.

Returns: json dict {"result":{"user_agent":"/Groestlcoin:2.17.2/", "version":" .... }, "nodes":[[", 157532132191], ...]}


Returns a list of all available network names

Returns: JSON string, ex. "['groestlcoin','testnet']"


Gets a list of all nodes visible during the past 30 days

Returns: json array [{"address":"" ... }, {"address":"", "port:1331}]


Returns a crawl result as a gzipped response

Returns: gzip encoded html response


Returns the data associated with a node, and all crawler visitations on record

Returns: json dict {"node":{"user_agent":"/Groestlcoin/", "last_seen": ... }, "history":{"timestamp":157032190321,"height":56000, "success":1 ...}}